Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The big 3-0

Thirty weeks pregnant this weekend! Here is a picture:

I'm still feeling really good. I have not yet begun to experience any of the potential discomforts that the third trimester often brings (heart burn, swelling, fatigue, waking up many times per night to pee etc...). Though I have started to move differently. I catch myself waddling every now and then. Getting up out of bed in the morning or even getting out of a chair often elicits a groan. Bending over and tying my shoes will soon become a thing of the past. I don't know who will tie my shoes but wow, it is getting really uncomfortable to get to my feet.

I'm still working full time and hoping to hang in there until I go into labor. I'm also still exercising regularly. I either swim or do the elliptical. I haven't jogged since November. I know some people can keep going even heavily pregnant but I just couldn't. I felt like my bladder was getting pummeled and that things might fall out (which I doubt would have happened but that's an uncomfortable feeling, nonetheless). I hope I can get back into it after the baby is born.

Almost every free moment I have (that I haven't spent watching the Olympics) I'm reading books about birth, breastfeeding and babies. So, I'm pretty sure that I'll be an expert come May. (Ha! Could not be more kidding about that...)

I've been having frequent moments of panic. The baby could come anywhere between 37 and 42 weeks. Well, actually the baby could come anytime but hopefully will stay safely en utero until at least 37 weeks. But that means I could have a baby in less than two months!! Two months! That's like a nanosecond in the scheme of a lifetime! Though, mentally I've prepared myself to be pregnant until May 20th- at which point my midwife would induce for being 2 weeks overdue. So, It could be another three months which would give me more time to pack the house but also more uncomfortable nights having to get up to pee (which I assume I will be doing at some point...).

Thankfully, everything has been very healthy and easy thus far! It still really doesn't seem real. Even though I have bouts of panic mostly I'm still cloaked in a nice haze of expectation and waiting. I'm in a world where things are still relatively normal and calm and quiet. And even though I know that 7-12 weeks will pass quickly it's still far enough away for me to be blissfully cushioned from the reality that will be the turning-upside-down of my life. (Turning upside down in a good way, but upside down nonetheless.)


I encountered a pregnancy milestone last Friday at work. But first I wanted to tell another funny Peter story (the first being the one about his disbelief in my ironing).

To set this up you should know that Peter is as blind as a bat. Without his spectacles his world is reduced to a tilt-o-whirl of indistinct shapes and blurry objects. I, on the other hand don't wear contacts or glasses. So often I forget what he can and can't see when he doesn't have glasses or contacts to correct his vision. So the other day he dropped his glasses. I was sitting in the chair at our desk and I saw immediately where they were. So I began to rotate the desk chair and roll slightly backwards to retrieve them. He panicked and began urgently entreating me not to make any sudden movements. I was a little puzzled by his reaction- I was just trying to pick up his glasses for him. Then I realized that he couldn't see exactly where the glasses were and thought I was going to roll over them with the chair. What a dilemma, not being able to see to pick up your own glasses! So I reassured him, "Peter, it's okay. I can make sudden movements. I can see." Please God, let the baby inherit my vision. :o)

My pregnancy milestone: Friday a stranger, a patient's wife, asked me when my baby was due. This is significant because no one who hasn't known about me being pregnant has ever commented on it or asked about it. It's hard to tell that I'm pregnant at work because I wear scrubs- which is so delightful. Scrubs were made for pregnant women, I think. There might be a lot of people who have suspected but didn't dare say anything. But this woman was very sure of herself. She didn't even ask if I was pregnant, she just came right out and asked when the baby was due. So, for those of you who keep telling my mother that I don't look very pregnant in my pictures- here's proof, I look pregnant! It's fun. But also a little scary because I feel like I'm getting bigger every moment and I have a lot of moments left to go.

Speaking of pregnancy, last night in Olympic ice dancing there was a competitor from France who had a baby in October (OCTOBER!!) and is competing this month, February (FEBRUARY!!), in the Olympics. So four months after my baby is born, which will be September, I should be able to do.... what? Keep the house clean? Shower regularly? I've heard that bathing can take a back seat in those heady newborn days. But if she can go to the Olympics surely I can at least shower consistently, right? (Right?!)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ordinarily Peter and I don't really watch TV. Literally we might watch an hour per week, usually less. But in the past week I've easily watched 10 hours.

The Olympics. This happens every 2 years. I turn on the tv to watch figure skating (or gymnastics in the summer). But you can't just watch figure skating. Oh no. They suck you into 4 hours of competition by switching back and forth between sports. And then they give you all the dramatic hype about upcoming events so the next day you (and by you, I mean me) turn on the tv to watch whatever competition they were playing up the night before. And now I'm following everything from short track to alpine skiing. I didn't even know what short track was until last week! But wow, it's a crazy one. Very fun to watch.

And of course after hearing the hours of commentary, Peter and I are sitting on the couch making authoritative comments like "she really isn't hitting her tuck like she should be" or "that footwork was exquisite!" These words coming from people who didn't know who Lindsay Vonn was until 3 days ago.

It has been an exciting games if you haven't been keeping up. You still have time to watch some short track and skiing finals, ice dancing and women's figure skating. And there are probably lots of other things going on as well but there are only so many hours per week that I can devote to the olympics so those are the sports I'm going for!

Monday, February 15, 2010

We're just not *those* kinds of people

A few weeks ago Peter was stalling putting some of his clothes away from a clean clothes pile. I asked him why and he explained that they needed to be put through the dryer with a damp cloth to take out the wrinkles. They were button down shirts and had become a little crinkly. He didn't have time to put them through the dryer at that time so he was just leaving them on the floor (they had formerly been on the bed but then we had to sleep on the bed... you know how that goes). I then beseeched him to put them away anyways and offered to iron them later if he needed them to be ironed.

He looked at me and said very seriously, "Oh. I thought that was something we didn't do in our household."

I thought that was so funny! And, for the most part he's right. My main method of ironing is the damp cloth in the dryer method. Luckily I can get away with that because I wear scrubs to work. Unfortunately Peter sometimes looks a little less than perfectly pressed when he has to dress up for work (luckily he wears scrubs a lot too. God bless the medical field.). I really see no point in ironing. The clothes wrinkle when you wear them. And recently in one of my breastfeeding books they suggested that ironing (pointless for the same reason I mentioned) was one of the tasks that might need to be eschewed in favor of other, more pressing, duties in the first months with an infant (or perhaps month 1 through year 18 might be more like it). So, I doubt I'm going to take up ironing anytime soon. Thank goodness for the dryer!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is baby with puckered lips giving you a Valentine's Day kiss!

This is from our US on Feb 5th. Can you see the little puckered lips? Can you tell who s/he looks like yet? I think now s/he most resembles Theodore- very black and white and fuzzy.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Fashion Show Gravid Style

Warning: Blatant narcissism ahead.

I've been at it again. And by "it" I mean saving a lot of money by thrift shopping at DI (Utah's Goodwill). Since I first found out I was pregnant I've been going to a couple of the stores regularly and scouring the maternity racks. I have found such cute things! And I've paid between $1-$5 per item! You guys, I cannot explain how much I love thrift shopping. It makes me so happy. It might border on illness. Perhaps an addiction. Oh well, that is neither here nor there. The point is that I have acquired a lot of maternity clothes at ridiculously low prices. To the extent that I have commanded Peter to forbid me from going back to DI unless I find myself having outgrown everything I own or at least until April. Whichever comes first. It is very gratifying to spend so little money on maternity clothes. Because, while they are necessary, they are only worn for such a short time. Anyways here are some of my favorites:

This skirt is so cute and I don't think it has ever been worn because when I bought it, it still had its original tags.

Belly shot. I think this makes me look slightly bigger than I actually am (still have 1 pair of non maternity jeans that fit!). I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow. Everyone says I'm "really starting to pop out there". Which has to be one of the top phrases heard by every pregnant woman.

Back to DI, I'm actually very sad to be leaving Utah because I will miss it so much. For other reasons too, of course. But you would not believe the selection of clothes they have there that are so cute and cheap! I don't think I've been to a Goodwill in Texas that was quite as exciting as DI here. I will have to look around when we get back. But now I've gotten spoiled by buying name brands for $2.

I had another ultrasound yesterday to try to confirm due dates. The baby was being so charming! S/he was yawning and sucking his/her thumb. So adorable! I also learned that the baby's little bottom was nestled under my right ribs. Which I suspected because I have felt constant prodding there. As far as the due date (as if a due date really means much of anything...), it will probably be pushed back a week or so. Which I've already mentally prepared myself for. In fact I started counting my weeks according to the later due date they gave me after the 1st U/S. So, we're looking more and more at an early/mid May delivery. All I have to say is that I hope that I have at least a few weeks between the delivery and the cross-country moving expedition with an infant and two cats (one of whom chewed her way out of a cat carrier on a 10 minute drive to the vet. That does not bode well for a 24 hour drive, does it?!).

Friday, February 05, 2010

I read an article in the NY Times called Six Meaningless Claims on Food Labels. I don't know how this doesn't violate false advertising laws. One reason, I suppose, is that there is no standard definitions for claims like "all natural." But when things like fruit snacks become "all natural" there's definitely some intense marketing (read: lying) going on.

I've only taken one nutrition class. It was an intro class, a prerequisite I had to take for nursing school. But just the basic information I learned there has served me so well. It also was the beginning of what I hope is a life-long love affair with vegetables. Seriously, they're wonder foods!

For example ingredients on a package are listed by weight in descending order. So if something claims to be "whole wheat" or "seven grain" or "super healthfoodlicious" but the first ingredient is sugar or enriched flour (meaning that by weight there is more flour or sugar than anything else) then you know it is not as nutritious as it claims to be. I don't know if that's something that most people already know. I didn't learn that until college.

I always read labels. It helps me to be able to buy food with the least amount of processed ingredients and additives. And reading allows me to evaluate what I am buying despite what the marketing claims may say. Anyways, if you want to know more you might look at the article. It's short and it has some additional resources at the bottom, I believe.

Also, aren't my cats cute?!?

They were sleeping like this. Awww.