Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweep me off my feet

Shortly before Christmas we received a package on our doorstep. Though we thought it might be a Christmas present, we declined to wait until Christmas morn to open it. It came with no card and very few indications of who might have sent it. Eventually we found in small print on the receipt that it had come from Peter's family. Since there was no note we weren't sure whether or not it had been intended as a Christmas gift or simply something useful that they thought we might need. Peter's family often sends us various practical household items at random. (Hi Joe and Diane! Keep the loot coming!) Not that it really matters whether it was a Christmas present or not. But we were initially skeptical of its usefulness because we knew it had been marketed via infomercial. And we all know that those products have some dubious claims. (Except for the Slanket, of course, which delivers in every way possible and has also apparently become the mark of trendiness.)

Anyways, I didn't get a chance to use this new gift until after Christmas but when I did, I fell deeply in love. Similar to how I felt when I made my first slice with my santoku knife.

This gift was the Swivel Sweeper. Apparently, my littlest brother in law, 6 year old Isaiah, saw the infomercial for it and became intrigued. And the Ness family ordered one for themselves and for us. I hear that Isaiah is quite taken with his as I am with mine.

I realized that my longstanding relationship with the broom and dustpan had been highly dysfunctional and I decided to break it off immediately. For some reason sweeping the old fashioned way seemed to take a long time and the broom bristles seemed to shed as much as they ever swept up. (Now I ask you, is it just me or does everyone have this problem with sweeping? Is the sweeping mechanism of my broom broken (as opposed to the structure which is definitely not broken)? Can a broom's sweeping mechanism be broken?) I would sweep and resweep creating small piles in which Theodore would usually sit. Then I would go around and sweep the piles into the dustpan. Trying to get every particle of dirt into a dustpan is as futile as trying to get Theodore a job at Starbucks. It's a good idea, but it's not going to happen. So I had to be satisfied with small amounts of dust, dirt, cat hair still on the floor.

The first time I used the Swivel Sweeper I made it through almost the entire duplex in 5 minutes flat. Possibly less. My perception of time might have been clouded by euphoria. And it was able to swivel into so many crannies! I'm sure there is still some amount of dirt and hair still left on the floor but the whole process was so much easier.

I've been happily using it ever since. It does a decent job of even picking up larger debris like cat food and litter.

I do wish there was a product out there that had the obliterating sucking power of a black hole whilst weighing no more than a fluffy marshmellow. The swivel sweeper falls short of "black hole" in terms of picking up everything. But nonetheless I'm so much happier than I was with the broom!


Anonymous said...

Leslie and Peter- I love reading your blog:-)
I have two favors to ask:
1)Would you call Nan and let her hear it from your own lips that you're headed back to Texas?
2)Could I borrow that broom thing and take a swipe around my apartment?
Thanks, congratulations and good luck with the new position!! Don

Vanessa Rogers said...

Can you show a picture? I don't know exactly what you are talking about :)

Peter and Leslie said...

Vanessa, Yes, I will post a picture of the swivel sweeper. I actually meant to with the post but never got around to taking one.

Don, I will call Nan! I will send you a swivel sweeper if you want one! :o)

Jim and Jill said...

There you go again cracking me up! Wish I could see you, Leslie! I visited the website to peek at this marvelous broom. I'm definitely curious now!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that the swivel sweeper is such a hit. I not only have the sweeper but children that fight over using it. My house is now cleaner too. I have been loving your blog too. Keep on writing! Diane

Anonymous said...

Now I am curious!! I have cat hair and dirt too! I am going to try and look into the "broom thing" and set you know what I do. Terry