Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Smell a Cat

There is a conspiracy afoot. You might not know this but cat lovers the world over are out to convert every man, woman and child into crazy cat people (it is the 21st century after all, so we can't just confine it to ladies these days). You might innocently believe that you are going to visit a household with a cat. But there are very subtle brainwashing techniques in place- mostly employed by the various kitties involved. I can't tell you our exact methods because then I would have to kill you. But you might notice that you are slowly beginning to fall under the spell of the feline. Behold:

Jacob, well documented dog admirer lulled to sleep by purring Penelope.

Furthermore Jacob was later found to be teaching Theodore tricks. ( "Sit Theodore, stay, don't move. Good kitty!" Theodore is a master at the sit/stay trick.) This may look innocent enough but it is just the beginning. Soon Jacob will be crocheting doilies, eating a steady diet of worther's originals and feeding all the strays in his neighborhood (you know, crazy cat person things).

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