Saturday, January 16, 2010

Good thing I didn't spend too much money on coats....

... Because we won't be needing them for the next 4 years! If you haven't heard yet, Peter got an Ophthalmology (I never know if I spell that word right) residency spot in Houston. So we're moving back to Houston in June!

I, personally, would never choose to live in Houston of my own volition. I don't think Peter would either. But after living there for four years while Peter was in medical school, I discovered several redeeming qualities about it. Here are the things I'm excited about:

1. Returning to our old church, Baptist Church of the Redeemer
2. Year-round farmer's market, of which there are a few (oh my gosh, right now they have all of this delectable citrus. Beat that, Utah!)
3. Year-round outdoor running
4. Relatively short drive to San Antonio so that we will be able to visit our families more readily
6. Lucky Layla Yogurt. Best. Yogurt. Ever. (And bonus! It's locally made! I discovered this shortly before we moved and was grieved to be leaving it.)
5. Taco Cabana

On another positive note, I think the baby will have an easy time acclimating to the climate because the weather in the womb is very similar. (Hot and humid, right? Though with fewer hurricanes, I suppose.)

Overall we are very happy. We are very thankful that Peter has a spot at a good program and in just 4-6 short years he'll be eligible for gainful employment! Yeesh! This medicine gig is a long road! (Just to clarify, residency is employment but I wouldn't call it gainful. ;o)

After last year when Peter didn't match into a residency spot, he scrambled looking for what to do this year and found this job in Utah. I really don't know why God led us here for one year only to take us right back where we were. But, I'm very thankful for it. If nothing else, it was a very extravagant gift. SLC is the type of place we've dreamed of living. We love the outdoorsy lifestyle that is so convenient here. So we've spent this year enjoying the mountains, hiking, skiing, nature, 4 seasons, etc and we have relished every moment. So next year well be back to our eternal-summer lives. But we'll be close to home and we'll have good friends near and above all we'll be together. Peter and I have been on many adventures together and I feel like I would be happy anywhere as long as he is with me!

So, if you want to visit Utah and you need a place to stay, you should come before June. After that, you're always welcome in Houston!


Anonymous said...

You guys are a sign to the rest of us that God has wonderful plans for us even if we do not understand them. Your gig in Utah was a piece of paradise to hold you through the wornders and work that Houston holds for you. The SanAntonio Nesses are glad to have you closer so we can visit more often. WE LOVE YOU! Mom and Dad

Jim and Jill said...

So thrilled for you guys! Houston never excited me either when I had to go back there, but oh how we loved it! Like you said, when you husband/family is with you, that's what matters! And an awesome church makes everything wonderful! I'm so glad you'll be back in a familiar place. Wish I could be there to hug you and meet baby!!!!!

Vanessa Rogers said...

congrats Peter!!

leslie said...

I just read this! Congrats & I have to say that I am a tiny bit jealous that you're moving back!