Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Buttoning Your Pants is Overrated

Every day I'm surprised by how much growing I'm doing. Case in point: yesterday I got up and put on some pants and a sweatshirt to wear to work. When I get to work I change into scrubs. At the end of the day I go to change out of scrubs and put back on the pants I wore to work only to find that my original pants will not button around the girth that I have accumulated throughout the day. Will. Not. Button.

I've noticed this phenomenon that my belly is often bigger in the evening. I think that's pretty normal with fluid retention and such that happens throughout the day. Anyways, I thought part of the problem was that I had recently consumed 27 oz of water. So, I rode the train home, pants asunder, giving my water a chance to settle. I finally did get the pants buttoned at home. But, as the waistband was threatening to cut off circulation to the lower half of my body, I decided there is absolutely no reason that I needed to have my pants buttoned. So, for the rest of the night, unbuttoned they were.

I foresee maternity pants in my near future. ;o)


Robin and Don said...

So I had to go back and do the math, girl your like seven months along and still not in maternity clothing! That is like every girls dream! Your going to wear your jeans home from the hospital aren't you?!

Anonymous said...

You will find this really funny but I bought a pair of Maternity pants several years ago by mistake and just love them. They have an elastic waist and look normal but I guess they have more give than other materials do. So naturally, I am a happy camper wearing them. The only thing is the tag says something like "happy mommy" so I need to keep them on in public which is a good thing I guess. Terry