Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Relativity: Not Just a Theory

Yesterday night I walked out of my duplex and thought "My it's so warm out here!" Do you know what the temperature was?? 42 degrees. 6 months ago I never would have considered 42 degrees warm. My, how things can change! Compared to the 20's and teens weather we've been having, 42 felt downright balmy!

Peter finished all of his residency interviews last week. He went to 14 everywhere from Pennsylvania to Arizona. He has been gone a lot for the past 6 weeks! But we are very thankful for all of the interviews. There are pros and cons to each of the programs and to each of the cities to which we might possibly be moving. So, I've been praying that God will simply move us where He wants us because its difficult for me to even say where I want to be. Some days I think it would be great to stay in SLC but I also think it would be fun to have a totally different experience in, say, Dansville, PA. Overall, I think we'd be happy anywhere (as long as we're together :o) ). And in the end, it's not up to us. The next step is for Peter to submit a rank list of all of the programs. Meanwhile, each program ranks its candidates. Then all of this information goes into a national database where computers do some fancy fanagaling and finally everyone gets accepted into one program. We'll find out which one we've gotten into mid-January. And we'll let you know!

Currently in SLC we are experiencing an inversion. This is a weather condition that I don't fully understand yet. But it is nasty. Somehow it involves a lot of dense smog getting trapped in the valley. Last week Peter went up into the mountains to go skiing. He said that he couldn't even see down into the valley because the smog/fog was so thick. While in the mountains it was perfectly clear. I'm told it takes another storm to come along and push the smog out for it to get clear again. But for the moment it looks like I'm in Dicken's London. And not an "eccentric characters trapsing around and eating figgy pudding" kind of Dickens. But rather an "industrial revolution fog of squalor" Dickens.

And finally, since this post is filled with randomness, I will leave you with this: How is it that the snuggie/slanket has become popular? At first it was just something to make fun of. But now people are actually buying them! I would know because I am buying one as a Christmas gift and sveral of the options were sold out! Furthermore the person who asked for the slanket is pretty much the epitome of coolness. So, we can all be assured that those of us who don't have one have now somehow become dorks. (As opposed to the other way around.) When did this change happen?


Erin said...

Leslie! I totally agree the other week I said "Well, it's 40 and sunny, we should go to the park!" Never thought those words would come out of this Southern girl's mouth!

Vanessa Rogers said...

Did you buy one for Diana, because she said that is what she asked for and no one gave it to her. :)