Friday, December 04, 2009

Midwife Appointment


Yesterday Peter and I met my midwife. She was recommended to me by another midwife at our church. I was very happy with her. Of course, there's only so much you can glean from a half-hour meeting. But so far, I'm delighted.

She talked to us for a long time. When I found out I wouldn't be getting a sonogram, I think I was visibly disappointed. I was hoping I would get one because I wanted to see the assurance of that little person in there hopefully the right size and in the right place! I kept asking about it, and why or why not certain practices do early sonograms.

At the end of the appointment she said, "if the ultrasound room is empty, let's just go in there and see what we can see." It was empty! So I climbed up on the table and she began to probe my stomach with that slimy goo.

And there it was! My little baby's heart! Just a little flicker on the screen. I was so moved to see that brand new tiny heart beating away. Tears started sliding down my cheeks. By the time we saw it, it had already been beating for a few weeks. I'm sure it had already beat hundreds of thousands of times, but still it's so new. A newly created heart right inside of my abdomen. It was so amazing to see that. Because of the way the pregnancy dates are calculated, at 8 weeks pregnant the fetus has only been in existence for 6 weeks. It takes less than six weeks to create such a vital organ and get it into working order! Who can wrap their mind around that??

She printed a picture of the baby. Of course it just looks like a little squiggle in a fish bowl. But I've been gazing at that squiggle as if it is worthy to be hanging on the walls of the Louvre.

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