Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I want to be alone

The title is a famous movie quote. I've never seen the movie, I don't actually know which movie it comes from but I have heard the quote. And that sentiment seems to be what the baby was conveying on Tuesday during our ultrasound.

He seemed to be curled up quite cozily with his hands in front of his face. He was awake, though (perhaps we woke him up?), flailing his arms in front of him T-Rex style. It was really fun to see the baby move. But because of his hands we couldn't get great pictures of his face or profile. There have been many a time Peter has tried to rouse me from a nap. And I'm curled up, arms over my head, imploring him to "leave me alone!" I understand baby, why you weren't obliged to take a picture. I never feel camera-ready either when someone is disturbing my slumber.

I usually default to referring to the baby as "he" because I think it's going to be a boy- not because of anything I saw on the ultrasound, I've just thought "boy" since I got pregnant. Note to baby: If indeed you are a girl, I apologize in advance for referring to you as "he" for 9 months. But remember, I'm planning on paying for your college, so try to be forgiving. :o)

Here are the pictures:



The profile is hard to see. We know what it is because we were there when it was being done but most other people haven't seen it right away. On the left is the head and profile with arms in front of face. Then further right is the abdomen with a dark spot in it. I'm pretty sure the dark spot is the heart.

I thought I was 21 weeks as of last Wednesday. But they told me that the baby was measuring 10 days smaller. It's most likely that I am off on my dates. Which is highly possible because I was never a meticulous record keeper regarding my cycles (or a meticulous record keeper in any other way, if I'm honest). Or it could just be a small baby. He also said that there is a 10 day margin of error either way on ultrasound size estimates. So really all of those facts add up to no practical information except that we might be expecting a mid-May baby instead of an April/May baby. We'll see. I go back for another ultrasound next month.

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