Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The other day at work there were these two cute old ladies. One was having cataract surgery and the other was her friend that had accompanied her to drive her home. After the patient's surgery and recovery, she changed to go home and her friend helped her fluff her hair. Those bouffant hats that are required in the OR are not good for hair! A little hair fluff is usually necessary before venturing out wearing those stylish eye patches. Anyways, it was such a cute gesture that I could tell that they had been friends for a while. I asked how long. They replied that they'd been friends since their sons, who are now in their 50's, were little boys. How sweet! Friends that stick by you like that are such a gift.

I had some very dear friends come visit last weekend and we had a wonderful time! I hope mine are still there to fluff my hair after my cataract surgery in 50 years!

Here we are "conquering" a "summit." And by summit I mean the place where we decided to stop for lunch and turn around. It was a fabulous view!

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Vanessa Rogers said...

I'll fluff your hair anytime you want be it in one year from now or 50 years:)