Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baby's First National Park

9/7/09- I will have to add the pictures into this post later. For some reason they didn't save and I don't have my camera with me but I wanted to put the posts up in order. :o)

So, baby made it to the Grand Tetons with us last weekend. You can tell in this picture that I’m pregnant by the stereotypically pregnant way that I’m standing. (Otherwise, you can’t really tell. )

I hope this is the first of many camping trips and hikes for our little offspring. I hope s/he loves

nature, the outdoors and wildlife as much as we do. If s/he doesn’t, he’s going to have a terrible childhood with all of those vacations to national parks. And then in some therapy sessions later on in life he’ll probably relate how his mother forced him/her to become a junior ranger every summer and then s/he’ll get a job at a logging company just to spite me.

But hopefully s/he’ll love the outdoors and then s/he’ll have a fabulous childhood! We got him/her this adorable little onesie that says “I moose have a hug.” So cute! Hopefully this time next year you’ll get to see the sights for your self, little baby!

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