Friday, November 27, 2009

8 Weeks


Tomorrow is my first midwife appointment and I am so excited! I am hoping to have a sonogram. I have no idea what to expect. I’ve only dealt extensively with the far other end of this spectrum in labor and delivery. And I am nowhere near there yet!

Last week I was almost (almost) wishing that I had some more intense pregnancy symptoms. I couldn’t get pregnancy off of my mind and yet I didn’t feel pregnant at all. I resorted to taking pregnancy tests at work just to make sure I was indeed pregnant.

Well, be careful what you almost wish for. These days I am in a perpetual state of queasiness. It’s not nausea. I haven’t even felt like I need to throw up. It’s just enough of an upset stomach to take the spring out of my step. But it doesn’t make me miserable. It seems to be worse on an empty stomach. So, I’m trying to eat healthy snacks every few hours.

I’m also exhausted and frequently short of breath. All of these things conspire to make me one lazy nurse at work. But I am taking comfort in the fact that these symptoms are indicators that I actually am pregnant!

Speaking of work. Oy vey! It is hard to keep a secret there. Almost all of the ladies I work with are my mother’s age and they have their minds on grand babies. And it doesn’t even have to be their own grand babies- they want me to have a baby so that they can have one around. There’s one in particular that keeps urging Peter and I to get pregnant now so that she can throw us a baby shower before Peter’s year here is up. And every time I mention a symptom that is even vaguely pregnancy related (eg. “I’m tired”) they try to get me to take a pregnancy test! It is rather ridiculous. And lately since I’ve been feeling a little sick I’ve gotten frequent comments that I don’t look well and am I sure I’m not pregnant?

So, I’ve had to use various excuses and maneuvering to get out of all of these pregnancy tests. But one of the nurses did wriggle it out of me. She began asking me pointed questions about a doctor’s appointment that I mentioned (which is actually my midwife appointment tomorrow) and I found it difficult to lie to her face. So she knows. I hope she will keep her mouth shut for a few more weeks. It will be fun to tell everyone at work. They will all be so excited! Provided that everything goes well, it will only be a few more weeks and then I will let everyone know! I can’t wait for that!

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Anonymous said...

When I read about your fresh comments and reflections about pregnancy and excitement about being new parents, it brings back precious memories of the early lives of our children. Keep writing so I can share in the joy. Love, Mom