Thursday, October 08, 2009

Theodore's Night of Terror

Last week Theodore spent one frightful night crying almost incessantly. He was being terrorized by an unspeakable menace we have recently unleashed in our duplex.... the furnace. Yes, Theodore is scared of the heater. When Peter first turned it on he ran into his den and cried. It was sort of cute and pitiful.

The vents are all in the floors and turn on and off periodically to keep the duplex at whatever temperature we set. Much less cute was that night when each time they cycled on he meowed anxiously. The vents probably cycle on and off every half hour or so. That means every half hour that night I was awakened by his pitiful cries. Of all the things to be scared of. I think, given Theodore's (and cats general) love of coziness, that he will eventually like to sit next to the warm vents. That is if he ever gets over his crippling fear.

The next day he did a little better. When they come on, he still slinks around and regards them suspiciously but at least he stopped his whining. The heater will be on a lot this winter and I don't think I can tolerate him crying every half hour for 6 months.

In spite of this little quirk, we love Theodore. He is nearly the perfect cat. He has a number of charming qualities. Like he sits in such a sophisticated manner with his paws crossed. He lets me pick him up and cradle him like a baby and scratch is head while he purrs. He also has s soft furry belly and toe-hawks.

Soft, furry belly. Please ignore unmade bed.


He woke up while I was taking pictures of him and he meowed like "Can't a guy get some sleep around here? 18-20 hours, that's all I'm asking!"

Penelope, on the other hand, we like her. But I sometimes think back to that fateful day when we selected her at the humane society and wonder what life would have been like if we'd chosen that cute black and white kitty instead? Would my cereal still have it's box intact instead of being shredded and strewn about the kitchen floor? Would my Bible not have scratch marks on it? Would I be able to sleep past 8 am without a cat demanding to be admitted into my room. The world may never know the answers to these questions. But she has her cute qualities too. Sort of.

She's still a pretty young cat so I hope as she gets older she'll be less interested in shredding things. We'll see.

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Robin and Don said...

You have the most interesting cats. I think you could write a book about them and their habits. It could make a fantastic children's book!!