Friday, October 02, 2009

Snow-capped again

On Tuesday the weather here was not that much different from weather in Houston. It was very warm and almost muggy. On Wednesday it snowed. Such a drastic change is something I feel like is pretty common in Texas. But not that cold, and never in September.

Here I am, sitting in our great white throne, donning some cold weather garb. Though, compared to how low the temperatures will go, it does not yet qualify as "cold" even though I feel very cold. Yikes. This is going to be a long winter.

It snowed very slightly in the valley, Peter said he saw snow flakes outside of his window but it didn't stick. It all melted before it hit the ground. It was mostly rain showers. But, in the mountains there were bona fide snow storms. After just a few short months of being green and adorned with wild flowers, the mountains are snow-capped again. Granted this snow might not stick but it's there now!

Unfortunately this new weather has put a damper on Peter's plans for the weekend. Three friends of his came in from Texas. Their plan was to hike to the top of King's Peak, the highest point in Utah. But unfortunately there are more storms expected on Sunday. It's a very long hike to do over a week end and they can't really risk a snow storm so I think they might be heading down south. But I don't know they're still discussing. Either way, I'll be on my own this weekend. I plan to do some napping. :o)

Penelope seems to have made a new friend in Dave, one of Peter's friends from SA. She's so cute and apparently also shameless.

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Anonymous said...

Yes only a cat can look that comfortable. Well you are in the midst of a real season change, enjoy it while you can, may be back in TEXAS!