Saturday, October 24, 2009

Like a fish out of water

I was actually in the water but I still felt like a fish out of water today when I went to the University pool for a swimming lesson.

I've decided to take up swimming because it's one of the only exercises that I know of that I will be able to do until I go into labor. And it's easier on your joints than jogging is.

I've been an outside jogger for a few years. I love the outside part. I've managed to avoid the gym for the last three years. But I'll have to give up jogging in a few weeks because it will be too dark too early. Darkness falls at about 7 pm now but after the time change on November 1st (I think) it will be dark at 6 pm and I get off at 5:30. Additionally it will be getting icy and I will be getting rotund.

So for all those reasons I had to retreat to an inside locale to work out. That's something I never had to think about in Texas because there was always enough light at one end of the day or the other and it was certainly never icy.

So, I joined the U of U gym and got a package of 5 swimming lessons so that I could improve my strokes. I sort of know how to swim but I thought it would be nice to brush up on my strokes if this is something that I'm going to be doing consistently for the next 6 months.

So today was my first lesson and I was so nervous! I don't know exactly why. I haven't been swimming in years. And I always feel sort of naked (there's not much left to the imagination when you're in a swimsuit!) and cold wandering around the pool. And when the life guards look at me I'm never quite sure if they think I might be drowning. Because my strokes are erratic and there is some occasional gasping for air. So there's a possibility I could be mistaken for someone flailing for her life.

But today I had a lot of fun! There are four girls in the class and the instructor is really nice. And I had forgotten what a good work out it is without being high impact. So now I'm really excited!

If anyone has any pregnancy exercise info I am open to hearing any and all advice! I've still been jogging and doing pilates these first three months. But it has been a STRUGGLE. All I want to do with my free time is sleep. So, I haven't been exercising as much as usual. Which is fine, I'm not expecting to become the world's first pregnant olympian. But I'd like to stay active because for me it's all about the habit. If I get in the habit of exercise than it's easy to make time for it. But if I get in the habit of sleeping all my free time away then it's hard to make myself do anything else- including very basic things like eating dinner and brushing my hair! The siren song of my bed is so strong sometimes. Resistance is futile! :o)


Jim and Jill said...

It's okay, though, to listen to that siren song with frequency, as it's God's way of giving you and baby the extra rest needed for his/her development and growth. Go with it, rather than fighting it. It won't last the whole pregnancy! Love you, girl!

Rachel said...

I feel like I am commenting a lot here these days...

Good for you with the swimming! I'd take it easy on the jogging for the sake of your cervix and your PC/Kegel muscle. Walk instead. Swimming sounds great! Do you have access to a gym along with the pool? You can do bikes and ellipticals and such. Water aerobics classes are also an excellent choice, right up there with swimming if you can find one.

Yoga is also a really good pregnancy exercise, as is pilates, but you are going to have to take it a little easy on your abs. Pilates can strain your abdominal wall muscles (rectus abdominus? the ones that run up and down in the middle) as your belly gets bigger. I ended up splitting mine in pregnancy and it made a subsequent pregnancy so difficult. It still hasn't healed, but I am working on it and praying it does before any more pregnancies.

Most importantly, listen to your body and make sure you are also getting plenty of rest.

If you take a Bradley class or read any of the Bradley books, they have a lot of exercises (not exactly workout-type) to be doing to prepare your body for labor and birth.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the sleep. In a few short months you will be missing it alot. In fact you may not get good sleep for a few years. Swimming sounds fun too. I taught swimming lessons when I was pregnant with Peter and Anna and got a kick out of watching the mountain grow as I floated on my back.