Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hallelujah and Swine Flu

First the hallelujah: I feel so good today. I've been tired and nauseated for about 7 weeks. I assumed that I would be turning the corner this week into the "golden age of pregnancy:" the second trimester. But at the beginning of this week, I felt worse. I had a headache, I was dizzy and just generally feeling like crap. And the first thing I did Tuesday morning was run to the toilet and heave. I had nothing in my stomach. I hadn't eaten anything the night before because I'd felt sick but I continued heaving as if I'd just beaten the world record holder in a hot dog eating contest.

Anyways, today I felt so alive! I had forgotten what it feels like to feel normal! Compared to the last few weeks, today I felt like a two year old on speed! This gives me hope, oodles of hope.

Okay, now onto Swine Flu. Being young and healthy, I am not used to being in the high risk category for diseases. Which I am for swine flu because I'm pregnant and also because the flu seems to be taking its toll on younger people. And I have to say, I don't like this one bit!

Today I read a few suggestions that were posted at work that I hadn't heard before and I thought I'd pass them along.

1) Wash hands frequently (duh). What most people don't do is wash long enough. It needs to be 15 seconds and you need to scrub. Getting germs off your hands is mostly done by the friction of scrubbing your hands not necessarily your antibacterial soap.

2) Do not touch your face. Flu virus enters your body through your nose or mouth, so keep your hands away from your face. And suddenly when I had resolved to do this my face began to itch uncontrollably.

3) Gargle with salt water every night. Basically, the guidelines posted said that you can stop proliferation of the virus if you are exposed by doing this. It's the same reason why you had to gurgle after your dental surgeries (or at least I had to gurgle after mine). The salt water can help to kill the organisms.

4) Swab your nose out with a q-tip dipped in salt water. Same reasoning as above. The salt water can help kill the organisms and stop proliferation of the virus if you are exposed.

So, as I was writing this post I was googling these suggestions to see if I could find anything out about their effectiveness. I read something on which said that the effectiveness of the gargling is questionable. But I do know that dental surgeons do recommend it, I was told to gargle after both of my mouth surgeries. So perhaps there is something to it. At very least you can ask your doctor if you want. Honeslty, I don't know if I'll take up gargling with salt water every night but I'm considering it. Pregnant people are more likely to develop complications with h1n1 and I don't want that! Apparently my little miracle is sapping my immune system!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie- Just wanted to give you a quick alternative to nostril swabbing- Something that Nan gave me awhile back: the neti pot. In case you haven't seen one, a neti pot looks like a small lamp (the kind that you rub to get the genie out). You fill it with warm water and a mixture of salt and baking soda, you then insert the spout into one nostril and the solution flows through the nostril and out the other. Did I mention that this procedure is best done while leaning over a sink? Anyway,you do one nostril and then repeat pouring through the other nostril.I can't prove it, but I think my neti pot has nipped several colds in the bud and helps clear up congestion if you're unlucky enough to catch something. As always, there is more info on the Net. Take care and I hope to see you and Peter soon! Don