Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fashion Show (If it can be called that)

Be forewarned: Blatant narcissism ahead. But I wanted to post some pictures of my favorite bargain-basement finds from two weekends ago at DI (Utah's Goodwill.). Okay here we go. This year, pictures on my blog. Next year perhaps a runway in Paris. This may be the start of my modeling career.

Pink blazer originally from Banana Republic. I paid $5. I had been wanting a blazer like this. Score!

Brown shirt, also originally from BR. I took off the blazer to reveal its cute sleeves.

Why am I standing like this? It's how all the models at J. Crew stand. And if its good enough for them, its good enough for me. I love this shirt and its such a festive color it will be fun to wear during the holidays. $2, originally from Banana Republic where it would have probably cost me my first born child.

Cute Pea Coat (I think it's a pea coat, I don't really know all my coat terminologies). This is originally from Express which is a store I like but haven't been to in probably 2 years. Anways, I think this was $6.

This was one of the most fruitfull thrift shopping experiences I've ever had. And I hope to have many more like it! Because there's no reason to pay full price!


Vanessa Rogers said...

Love your new clothes!!

Jim and Jill said...

You are too much, lady! So cute! I love the personality God has given you!