Saturday, October 10, 2009


I have a dilemma, nay a problem. Nay! A crisis! I need all of your heads working together on this and possibly a miracle.

You see, I love hot chocolate. I luuuuuuv it with big, gooey marsh mellows in it. In Texas I was able to keep my cravings at bay because most of the time it was 80 plus degrees outside.

But this winter will be a different story. There are those times when you feel cold to the bone and you want to be immersed in warmth and nothing works except for a hot shower. But you can only take so many showers per day before a) the hot water runs out or b) you're husband admonishes you not to spend all of our savings on the water bill. Plus, when you get out of the shower you're even colder than you were when you went it. So that's not even a good solution. But! Hot chocolate is! It warms you from the inside out. And you're hands are holding your warm mug and pretty soon you start sweating! Not to mention that you get the added deliciousness of cocoa and marsh mellows.

The problem is that I don't want to gain 300 lbs. What do I do? Do I give up a meal? Do I add 30 extra minutes of exercise to the exercise I already do? Do not even mention drinking diet hot chocolate or cutting out the marsh mellows, people. That's ridiculous!

I suppose the only solution is to be reasonable about it and drink it in moderation. Perhaps drink diet hot chocolate most of the time and have regular hot chocolate with marsh mellows as a treat. But I don't want to do that! Sure in Houston moderation is fine. But not here when it's snowing! Where has moderation ever gotten anyone in life?

As you can see, I have a very difficult life. Where are Obama and Oprah when it comes to problems that really matter?!


Vanessa Rogers said...

maybe mix it up with tea, apple cider, plum tea (a korean specialty). I don't know, maybe they have less sugar?

Beth said...

I personally wouldn't want to drink diet hot chocolate; it tastes funny to me. I say indulge in the real stuff, but mix it up and have hot tea or coffee at least as often. I love strawberry tea, and the brand I bought tastes sweet without adding any sugar. I got mine online from Adagio Tea.

Jim and Jill said...

You crazy girl! You are always making me smile!--Jill

Rachel said...

What a dilemma! Have you tried herbal teas? They warm me up nicely with a bit of honey or agave nectar. Yum! You could drink some chai with milk or cream when you want something creamier.

Robin and Don said...

Now your talking my language...Hot Chocolate is how I live in the winter months. Work out when you can, cut back a little on dinner if possible and drink your hot chocolate. I have to limit myself to one cup a day though so make your cup count! Mine usually at night just before bed. Another tip that you can kick me for later is found at Starbucks at the hospital. For those days that are terrible cold and your tired, you have got to try, split it with Peter, their CARMEL APPLE SPICE. I had a nurse introduce it to me years ago and seriously it is a must have!! Ridden with calories and sugar I'm sure but some days just call for a little treat.