Monday, October 19, 2009

August 25th

August 25th is now a date firmly etched into my memory.

I had very little reason to suspect I was pregnant and yet I was almost certain that I was. I had noticed some very subtle but odd symptoms during the preceding weeks. I had become dizzy once, which was very unusual for me; I was tired. Though I’m always tired so I don’t know if that was actually pregnancy related.

Finally, on August 25th I was only 3 days late for my monthly cycle. I had resolved not to take a pregnancy test until September when it would likely be more accurate. Yet on that day, it was a Tuesday, I developed a new symptom. I became extremely winded while I was sweeping the floor. I had to catch my breath just to talk to Peter. I remembered a friend of mine telling me that she always knew when she was pregnant because of how short of breath she became. I said to Peter, “I think I’m pregnant.” And with that my resolve crumbled very quickly and I hurried to the bathroom to pee on a stick.

After said peeing, I darted out of the bathroom to wait the prescribed 3 minutes for the result to appear according to the instructions. But who are they kidding, 3 minutes?!? I darted back in about 30 seconds later. I was expecting some lines or something, but apparently I had some sort of high tech, digital pregnancy test because right there in front of me was the word “Pregnant!”

I felt flushed and the butterflies in my stomach fluttered to life. I walked out to the living room to show Peter that most life changing of words. I held the test in front of his face with shaking hands. Only earlier that day Peter had undergone a dilated eye exam and he still couldn’t see much. “What does it say?” he asked. “Pregnant!” I declared. He took it very calmly. He was excited, but he was his characteristic mellow self.

We were both pretty mellow, in fact. There was no squealing or jumping up and down. But there was and is disbelief and deep, happiness and gratitude. We are so excited!

Later that night Peter asked me, “Why do women get so tired in the first trimester?” I was all, “my body is sustaining another person’s life, doesn’t that sound like hard work to you?!?” I’m willing to use just about any excuse to take a good nap but “sustaining life” is probably one that you really can’t argue with. I anticipate a lot more naps in my future. Until the baby comes. Then no naps. Ever. Until the baby goes to college. Isn’t that the way this works?


Robin and Don said...

Congrats again!

Robin and Don said...

Oh, I forgot to send you the info on the b-day calendar. If you go to our blog and then on the side I have a button for Nanny Goat. (Don's best friend in med school's wife is Nanny Goat.) Anyway, go down her posts to Oct 10, 2008. She'll show you exact measurements and everything. She has a fun blog for crafting. You'll have to brows through it when you get the time.

kp said...

Peter and Leslie,
Congratulations from Nathan, Katsura, and Ethan.