Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tid bits

1. It is cold here! We only turned on our swamp cooler (a cooling device that works by evaporation) about 3 times this summer. And only when we had company because we thought they would like it (the Nesses especially seemed to be a very temperature sensitive group! :o). So, we were hardly paying any utilities. But. BUT. I am about ready to turn on our furnace and leave it on for about 8 months. I predict we'll spend roughly the cost of one year in medical school on our heating this winter. Just kidding, I hope not. It still gets warm during the day but it's so hard to get up in the morning when its chilly! (Sidenote: Because it is officially fall now, I will have to change my header picture and quote. Which I will do post haste when I find a good fall picture!)

2. On September 1st. I underwent my very first filling for a cavity. Yes, my very first cavity! I was expecting pain and discomfort. I'd heard people's stories about injections, drilling, and numbness. Well, my dentist did mine with a laser. There were no injections, no drilling, no numbness and no pain! It was fabulous! If you are looking for a dentist, try to find one with a laser. Plus, it just sounds really cool to say that your dentist uses a laser.

3. Two weeks ago Peter and I went to a program at Snowbird ski resort called stargazers. They gave us a little presentation on astronomy, then they took us to the top of the mountain to look through telescopes to actually see the stars and some of the things that they talked about in the presentation. It was really fun! And, did you know that there are star nurseries? Vast portions of space where little baby stars come into existence. Does that not blow your mind? (It blows my mind.)

4. If you want to be uber dorks like us, there is a series coming up on PBS that we are super excited about. I believe it is called "America's Best Idea" and it is all about national parks. We are so looking forward to this. We love PBS and this is right up our alley! It starts Sunday September 27th, I believe. They even have a screening at a local park in the city that we might go to.

5. I'm starting to see why some people don't want to have pets. We had to get rid of our couch because of problems with our cats marking their territories. Thank goodness the couch was free. But it was a nice couch so it is still a shame. Bluebonnet peed on the couch long ago. We cleaned it and we hoped it wouldn't be a problem. But it's in their nature to mark their territories, especially where they smell urine. Their sense of smell is much better than ours so even though we couldn't smell anything, they could. So, recently they began marking that spot. So, the couch or the cats had to go. We opted to get rid of the couch first since it had a bunch of cat urine on it. But if they pee anywhere else I'm affraid its good riddance. I have really had it with cat pee. But I really hope that doesn't happen! This whole problem was caused by Bluebonnet... that darn cat!

6. Peter got another Ophthamology interview at UT Houston. We would love your prayers for this and his other interviews!


Anonymous said...

I love hearing about your lives. Keep on writing. I think it is kinda like the old fashion letters that we used to send in the mail to each other. With lots of love, Mom Ness

Anonymous said...

I loved hearing the updates. Hang in there Peter, God has a special place for you. I'm glad more interviews are rolling in. Mom

Peter and Leslie said...

Thanks for commenting, Diane! I agree about the similarity between blogs and old fashioned letters. It's kind of fun to think of it that way. :o)

Anonymous said...

Pete, when's the date of your Houston interview? Dad