Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First interview

Just a quick update from yesterday's blog post.

I received my first ophthalmology residency interview invitation today. Texas Tech, here I come! Oct 9!

Praise God. It is great to see him answer my prayers. Let's hope there will be many more interviews to come.

Now for another picture of the beautiful Teton Mountains, just to make sure you don't feel disappointed about visiting our blog today.


Vanessa Rogers said...

Lubbock- what a great town ;) You know if you ever need laundry done or some corn chowder, all you need to do is ask my grandmother.

Vanessa Rogers said...

I forgot to mention Congrats!!

Terry said...

Yeah Lubbock!! Kevin and Lauren go to Lubbock all the time and seem to really love it. Katie and Eric are going to school there and are real happy too. Won't that be funny if you end up there too. I hope it goes well for you, especially if you want to live there. Terry

johnrgriffin said...

Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Lubbock, been there, done that, don't care to do it any more. Peter, you are going to need another interview! Texas just beat Tech last night, Hook 'em! And Lubbock is back in TEXAS!!!!