Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Nesses do SLC

Before the Nesses came to visit us a co worker told me about a thing called connect pass SLC. So we looked into it and found that it is a pass that costs $20 for adults, and $16 for kids. It's good for two days and it gets you into about 12 different SLC attractions. There's also a meal included. So we bought passes when the Nesses were here and it was such a good deal. It payed for itself by 12:00 pm on the first day. I was off work for one of the days they were so I accompanied them on their adventures. And hoo boy, it was a marathon day of fun and yawning (some of us run out of steam earlier than others!). So, if you'll be coming to visit, you might want to take advantage of this!

Our first stop was Discovery Gateway, Utah's Children's Museum. We walked into the entrance which had a few whimsical art pieces and some giant gears that the kids could play with. We had to wait there for a few minutes while we worked out tickets and parking. While we waited the kids lamented "there's really nothing to do here." I was like, "how about you wait 2 minutes until we actually get into the museum before you make that judgment." Patience: it's a learned skill.

Busy as bees. The little ones are playing in this giant beehive. They had to grab plastic balls and deposit them at a certain place in the hive. Then the balls would travel up and around the hive and come out somewhere else and the whole thing would begin again. I thought this was so funny because the kids really did become like little bees buzzing around. They were super focused on the task of transferring those colored balls. What industry! It almost puts real bees to shame!

Meanwhile some older Nesses (and a Stephens) displaying their musical stylings. You can see the beehive behind them.

Climbing on the rockwall.

Savannah (on the right) has charisma. I could see a television career in her future.

We had to ride the train to eat lunch at Lionhouse pantry in downtown SLC. All the kids were really excited to ride the train. It was cute. Though I was a little nervous because sometimes the doors open and close really quickly giving you approximately 0.5 seconds to get on board. But we made it there and back again without incident. (Thank you, God.)

After lunch we went to the Planetarium which also has an IMAX theater. So we looked around at the exhibits for a while then we saw a 3D movie called Under the Sea. It was very cool. But I have to admit that I dozed off. And I was not the only one.

That evening we all went to Liberty Park and grilled hamburgers, chicken skewers and corn on the cobb. We invited our friend, Dr. Mize, who went to med school with Peter and is in SLC doing his OB/GYN residency. He promptly took over the grilling duties because, as it turns out, he has the most grilling experience. Well done, Ben! Everything was delicious!

Joe, Diane and Anna relaxing.

The kids playing on the playground. This was one of the most exhausing days of my life. But so much fun! The next day the Nesses continued their adventure. They went to Snowbird ski resort and took a tram to the top of the mountain. Then they visited an aquarium. All of that was included on the pass. It was an excellent deal. It kept them from being cooped up in the duplex all day terrorizing the cats. :o)

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