Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My cat boss wants me to write a full report on the defense tactics of string.

One small step for a cat, one giant leap for cat-kind. So there's a cat in Georgia that has earned her GED online. I'm really thinking that I can work this to my advantage by getting Penelope and Theodore through school and then working full time in high paying jobs. Early retirement for me!

They're pretty ambitious so I think the GED will be a breeze for them. After that it's Harvard.
I'm pretty sure some of you will be working for them one day. That shouldn't be too bad. They take a lot of naps.

"I need constant surveillance on the activity of that infernal green mouse. How does he continually return to taunt me?!? Get that to me by noon. Or by 3. Whenever. After my nap."

"This company's number one goal is to reduce the casualties produced by curiosity."

Just a little fyi, I'm pretty sure the bonuses will go to those with the best ear-scratching technique.

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Anonymous said...

You have some great cats, Leslie & Peter! That grater seems rather pricey at $10.00 but I sure wish I had one... Not only because lemon or orange zest is the secret, magical ingredient in some dishes but because we're amateur film makers here and can never seem to find a good prop microphone! Don