Monday, August 24, 2009


Mischief. Penelope. She loves her mischief. She has an innocent-looking exterior with a dainty little meow but inside she is shrewdly planning into that which she will next get (I tried to do that sentence without the dangling preposition just to see what it sounded like and it was so absurd that I had to leave it that way. Funny!). It's not that bad, actually. But she has been pulling more shenanigans lately. You know cats, how they love their shenanigans.

Exhibit A:
Apparently this bag was just begging to be shredded and she could not resist its siren call. This concerns me a little bit because this is the trashcan where we deposit all of their "business" before we take it to the dumpster. Seems like it could easily fall over if she is clawing at it. And if that happened , I'm pretty sure I'd throw her into the dumpster with her "business." She'd probably love it in there. All the stuff to shred!

Exhibit B:
We can't keep any sponges or dish cloths in the sink. For some reason it's her favorite nighttime activity to drag them out of the sink and bat them around the kitchen floor. Can you imagine anything more disgusting than chewing on a sponge that is filled with soap and food particles??? But she loves it. I guess when you have to clean yourself with your own tongue, maybe the sponges aren't that bad. But, we put them away now so that's no longer an issue.

On Saturday she made a giant leap from a dresser in our closet all the way to the shelving at the top of the opposite side of the closet. It was actually a pretty impressive leap- probably 4-5 feet. She stayed in the top of the closet doing who knows what for a few hours (probably more mischief). The way down wasn't so smooth. She knocked over several boxes that crashed to the bottom of the closet. Luckily there was a nice, big (okay, gargantuan) pile of dirty clothes to break the fall. Thank goodness I hadn't done any laundry! We should probably keep those clothes there just in case!

Moi? No, it was like that when I got there.

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