Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Grate!

In the same Macy's shopping spree that I've mentioned several times now, the one where we purchased our latte maker and my beloved knife (all with store credit), I also bought the little beauty in the picture above: A microplane grater. It was only about $10 and I love it. I have another grater that works well for cheese and vegetables. But I could never grate citrus peels well with it. I had trouble getting enough zest and I would have to press so hard that the fruit would end up crushed.

Those days are gone! This little grater is made specifically for citrus. It grates very finely and I just have to apply it very lightly. In my experience, grating citrus peels is not the most important cooking activity. I don't do it that often. But when it's required, the zest usually adds an essential touch to a dish. So this is one of those things that you might not need often but when you do need it, your life will be easier because of it. And your food will be more delicious.

Also doubles as convenient prop microphone.


Vanessa Rogers said...

that would be me, Vanessa, who made your mom's blog. I even listed our blogs to the side, but somehow they have disappeared. What else do you need help with on your blog?

Jim and Jill said...

goofball! so glad to be reading about you, leslie!!!!

Terry said...

I love my microplane and use it all the time. I'm with you!! It makes zesting a true joy.

Peter and Leslie said...

Terry, I'm glad to get your comments! I hadn't gotten any in a while. I guess you were busy with your own blog!

Good to hear from you too Jill!