Monday, August 31, 2009

Death by Crochet

So I took a little break from blogging last week. For some reason I took a lot of naps, which was nice. This week I'll try to get back to my regular blog posting.

What's really been keeping me away from blogging, however, is not work, or napping or a hectic social life. Things that you would expect might be occupying a 20-something with no children. No. Rather, I've been busy doing the same thing as your grandmother, perhaps your great grandmother: crocheting.

I'm trying to make an afghan for my grandmother and it might just take everything I have in me. I started crocheting a few years ago and have made a few pieces. I started this afghan back when I started crocheting but never got very far. Finally I made a resolution that I'm going to finish it to give it to her for Christmas 2009. Only it's a ridiculously ambitious project for a beginner. It will be riddled with mistakes. Luckily, since it's for my grandmother (Nan), perfection is not the goal. She would probably love it if I gave her cat litter. However, since I'm going substantially beyond cat litter with this incredibly time consuming labor of love, I'm hoping to displace my sister in the coveted role of Favorite Grandchild.

Several years ago Nan had surgery. Diana made her a card. And to this day, that is the nicest gesture someone has ever shown her. Or at least it seems that way to hear her tell it. She always emphasizes that that was the only card that she received and she was so thrilled to get it handmade from Diana. Diana and Nan always had a special relationship but that card seemed to elevate Diana to Favorite status. So, we'll see what she thinks about my afghan. Some of the stitches may be wrong and the squares might not all be the same size but by golly it's got to at least put me in the running!

Here's a picture of one square that I finished. I thought it turned out charmingly... but they don't all look so nice. The picture is rather dark but it has a flower in the middle and I think the outer stitches are pretty. If anyone is a crocheter or knows someone who is really good a crocheting, I have lots of questions so please let me know!


Anonymous said...

I love chrochet. It's not just for old people! Would love to see your end product soon:) -kats

Vanessa Rogers said...

It will turn out beautifully- and she will LOVE it :)

Peter and Leslie said...

Kats, it's good to hear from you! I will most definitely post the finished product when (if) I get there!

Vanessa, Thanks for the vote of confidence. :o)