Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Pain in My Rear End

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because I ruined a perfectly decent cat carrier.

Today I had to take Penelope to the vet. Just for an exam and some vaccines. Should have been simple enough. All we have is the cardboard cat carrier that we got from the Humane Society when we brought her home. It worked well for Bluebonnet and Theodore when we took them to the vet. I learned that cardboard for Penelope is like a small white picket fence for an elephant. It's not really a formidable barrier, in other words.

At first she was fine just meowing and occasionally scratching. It's not a long drive to the vet. But the vet had an emergency so we had to wait a while there. Each minute seemed to have an exponential increase on her desire to claw out of that box.

Finally we were shown into the exam room where she could be free for a little while. Everything went swimmingly. But when I had to check out she went back in the box and she was not having it. Pretty soon she had chewed a small hole through which her little paw was darting in and out.

Then the hole got bigger as she desperately chewed and clawed. So, I ran to the car. Though I knew we would not make it home with her still in that box. Sure enough, pretty soon she had emancipated herself and was perched on the top of the passenger seat. And where did she find it expedient to go? Right under my feet! Where else? So, I'm driving about 20 MPH and swerving every now and then trying to keep her out from underneath my feet.

All the while she's meowing these very serious meows of concern, almost like the moving car might even be more scary than the box. And I'm saying "Don't you be crying to me, you did this to yourself!" Of course, she doesn't speak English so this is all lost on her.

Finally she climbs into the back and proceeds to open the window. And I, with the speed of a mongoose, quickly close it and turn on the child lock. But I couldn't see her in the back seat and I was worried she might have jumped out while I was frantically fumbling for the window controls. But no, soon she was back on my lap trying to get down under the pedals again.

And that was about the longest 15 minute drive of my life! But we made it home safely. And we're buying a new cat carrier today. In fact, I'd like to talk to NASA about having one custom made. Does anyone have their number?


Erin said...

That Penelope is too funny - I always kind of worry about that with Opie and Sydney. Especially when John was driving them here from Houston. I just KNEW I would get to Rochester and one would be missing!

Anonymous said...

I tried to take one of my first kitties ever to the vet in the car and learned like you did that they are not fun loose in the vehicle. Mine however kept power diving at the windows (they were closed luckily) and probably got brain damage that way. He also was a little bit off. Terry