Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Martha Stewart, I am not

I am a Martha Stewart wannabe. Martha is really good at making something out of nothing. I would love to be able to go to a garage sale and buy a candle holder and some picture frames and make them into a stunning day bed or a magnificent seasonal centerpiece. I don't find this quite as easy as Martha makes it look.

But I do love garage sales, free stuff, used things, vintage, retro and eclectic pieces that might not look special but can add just the right touch. And I also enjoy decorating and being creative and having an artsy outlet.

What I don't necessarily want is for it to appear that I furnished my duplex by time traveling back to the 1970's, dumpster diving, and then hauling all of the loot back into the 21st century. Unfortunately that's sometimes the result when most of the things you're working with are used, free or gifts. I try to go for eclectic but sometimes it looks more like a goodwill store.

Saturday we stumbled upon a hippie garage sale where I picked up some items that I tried to incorporate into my decor.

Like these adorable little plates and saucers.

And these funky vases

I really like these. I love the shapes and the colors. I've been struggling since we moved in to get this living room to look finished with everything in its place. And I'm still not there yet but I worked on it a little yesterday as I was cleaning. I had several other vases in the room already. Martha says that you can group a number of a particular item together for a dramatic effect. So I put all of my vases together but the drama eluded me.

By some thought process I also added two bowls on the ends, I'm not sure why. This picture is not very close up so you can't really tell that the two vases and the bowl on the right end have polka dots. The thought occurred to me that this looks like June Clever meets Stevie Nicks with all the polka dots and 70's glass. And I'm not sure those two gals would have hit it off. So I ended up removing the last three items but keeping all the 70's-looking stuff.

So, this is what it looks like now and I still don't know where to put all those other vases. I have limited options. If I place them where the cats can reach I'm sure they will be shattered before I can say "get the broom." So we'll see. This picture doesn't do it justice but the vases really do add something. They make the wall space look less empty.

I also got theses frames that I intend to paint. And let me just say that I got three frames, three books, three vases, 1 glass bottle, six plates and saucers and a pair of gloves for $14! Bargain was exuding from my pores!


Anonymous said...

No one loves garage sales more than I do and I use the stuff in my house often. And I like the way MY house looks. So you go girl!! The vase grouping looks vunderbar!!

Anonymous said...

Leslie, your plates and saucers are great...expecially the ones from France and the vases are a takes time and trials to learn how to put it together so it does not look like a good will display...sometimes just changing one thing will be perfect and everything else falls into place. I can't wait to see your house in person. Have fun with your company, they all look happy to be there (in paradise)

Jim and Jill said...

I think you would fee more satisfied if you vases were varying sizes. Because they are all the same height, they are not as appealing to your eye when they are grouped. And I would group them with some in front--and an odd number of them, like three or five. Also, my mama taught me that, visually speaking, you should put taller things on the left, so maybe you could put your vases on the left, and then put other things on the right? I'd have to be there to play with it with you. Wish I could be! I love the way your saucers look stacked on top of the plates. And keep it up! I know you're having fun!!!! Love ya!