Monday, July 13, 2009

Keepin' it Chill- a Summer PSA

I meant to post this picture when I wrote about our trip to Bryce Canyon. We saw this little fellow keeping cool on part of our hike. I thought he was so cute!

Anyways, its finally heating up here! Though, I still don't find it unpleasant. I remember learning in chemistry classes in high school and college about a class of reactions called endothermic, which are reactions that release heat. Evaporation is an endothermic reaction. Like, for example, when your sweat evaporates it's supposed to cool you down. Well, that concept actually works here! When you can stay dry, life is so much cooler!

I know that you all have been having hell-like temperatures in Texas. So, I wanted to remind everyone to drink lots of water and practice good sun protection! (Keep that skin casper-the-friendly-ghost white!)

And by sun protection I mean:

- wear a moisturizer that has at least SPF 30 every day (I use Olay complete defense, which I cannot find in SLC and am having my mother send me a stock pile.)

-if you go out into the sun add to that a sunblock of 30-50 (I like Burt's Bees but it makes your face look white. Whiter than it already is). Reapply often! Up to every hour! (Seriously! Remember that a tan is already sun damage and the time to apply sun block is not when you can tell that you've already burned!)

-also if you go out into the sun wear sunglasses, a hat, and long sleeves if you can stand it.

-don't go out into the sun

-this might be sort of off topic, but, for crying out loud, DO NOT go to tanning beds. If you want sun damage, you can get it for free!

But, I break the fourth rule all the time so I try to follow the first three the best that I can. I don't always do perfectly but the idea is that I don't want to look like I'm 70 when I'm 30. I have my mother to thank for this sun care routine. She drilled it into my head that "the sun is our enemy." Also, my mom is a vampire. But that is a totally different issue. ;o)


Jim and Jill said...

You're a total mess, you know it? :)

Daniele said...

so you have a pet squirrel now too?? :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know your mom was a vampire. You learn something every day!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the vampire story....isn't it funny, you listened to me when I said stay out of the sun and Diana became a lifeguard!!!!!MOM