Monday, July 06, 2009

The Great Cat Naming Contest of 2009

Ladies and gentleman, I want to thank you all for your participation in the Great Cat Naming Contest of 2009. And thank you for your patience. I know that the wait for this announcement kept at least one of you wracked with suspense.

First I must say that despite all of the lovely name suggestions (and we were really close to picking some of them. Among my favorites were Petunia and Eleanor.) we decided to name her Penelope. It just fit. So, the contest became a drawing. And the Grand Prize Winner is....

Justin Stephens!

So, Justin is my brother in law. But you'll have to trust me when I say that nepotism did not play a role at all. I literally wrote out the names of all the people who gave suggestions and drew one. And besides, I don't even think Justin cares for cats.

What does Justin win??

A lovely cat picture frame!

I'm sure Justin will use this frame to capture a sweet moment between himself and Joey. Joey being his family's cat with whom his relationship, I believe, is tenuous at best.

But there's more!

Justin will also receive this lovely set of Bath and Body Works warm vanilla sugar body lotion and shower gel.

Justin, I know beneath that rugged, football-coaching exterior there is a metrosexual in you just waiting to be drawn out with the inviting scent of real vanilla extract!

(So, Anna, I'm pretty sure you're actually the winner of all of this. Enjoy!)

And if you didn't come away a winner in our contest perhaps you'll have better luck next year with our "Great Dog Naming Contest of 2010 or Just as Soon as We Get a Yard"! Maybe there will even be a Great Baby Naming Contest of 2010- but I'll let you know. ;o) (I am NOT pregnant right now. So, please, no one start THAT rumor.)

Penelope doing some light reading.


Daniele said...

hmphf...even though Chloe was clearly a better name I suppose Penelope will suffice. ;)

Anna said...

What can I say? I married a winner.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one mentioned your comment about having a baby maybe in 2010!! This is big news!! Carole to be a grandmother maybe next year. What fun is around the corner!!!!! Terry

Vanessa Rogers said...

What if I petition for a different name? Who do I send it to? :) J/K, I love the name Penelope.