Saturday, July 11, 2009

Climbing at last!

Hey everyone, this is Peter. Today is a big day and I wanted to leave a short note. We went rock climbing!!!

I never thought I would live in a place where I could go climb a route or two after work, but that's exactly what Leslie and I did today. It was all I thought it could be and more. I got home from work a little before Leslie so I grabbed our gear and picked her up so we could go straight to the rocks (picking up some dinner on the way, of course). Last night, I picked out a couple crags (i.e. areas with rocks to climb) in Big Cottonwood Canyon just outside SLC. Everything worked out well and we managed to cross the Big Cottonwood stream without getting too wet.

The reason I picked that particular crag called the Salt Lake Slips was because we haven't climbed in a long time and there were a few easy routes. We ended up both climbing an easy 5.6 called Roll the Bones and let me just say that I'm glad we started easy because I am a bit rusty on the rock.

Leslie says we should plan to go every Friday after work while the weather permits, and I'm not going to argue with that! I'd go more often than that, but once a week is infinitely better than our nonexistent climbing in Houston. We still have no idea where we will be next year or the years that follow, but we know we are here for now and I thank God for his kindness to put us in a place that nourishes our souls in his great creation.

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Vanessa Rogers said...

Kyle went to Pets Mart the other day just to play with the baby kittens. he said they were really adorable and he wanted to take them all home. Hey , do you know that SA is working on becoming a no kill city in a few years? Cool huh!!