Sunday, July 05, 2009

Besties Encore!

I was so pleased to come home from our Independence Day festivities to find that our new cat had resigned herself to Theodore's company. I came to this conclusion because our duplex was delightfully free of that wildcat-just-bereft-of-her-young growling. But I became even more pleased when I saw this:

It appears they actually like each other! Maybe its even luuuuuv.

This is from the outside of the house. It's a little fuzzy because there's a screen in the way.

I must warn you that this blog may quickly devolve into insipid blathering about my cats. With plenty pictures, of course. But, what can I say? I love them! I even missed them when we were gone over the weekend. I am so happy to be a cat owner!

Theodore took an online finance course and now he's qualified to authorize home mortgages.

Here's our shy kitty, name still tba. She's warming up to all of us now. And, thankfully there have been no litterbox mishaps!


Anna said...

When are you going to announce her name?!?? I keep checking the blog to see if I won the contest, but you haven't written in DAYS! The suspense is KILLING me, Leslie!! You have no idea!

Vanessa Rogers said...

Can Theodore look at our finances? :)