Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And I think it might give me the upper hand in a knife fight, which couldn't hurt.

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I love to cook. But for the past four years one thing has consistently hampered my enjoyment of preparing food and that is using a knife for anything. You see, our knives were duller than your high school calculus class. They resolutely maintained their dull edges no matter how often we tried to sharpen them.

Using those knives, I knew that I was headed towards early onset arthritis, or a finger amputation. Slicing tomatoes was usually a disaster and slicing anything harder than a tomato felt like I was trying to slice rock. And you don't even want to know about the time I tried to quarter a chicken. While wrangling with that thing all over the kitchen, I know I succeeded in flinging a light shower of salmonella over all corners of the apartment. (Don't you want to come eat at our place???)

So when we went to finish off the Macy's credit left over from our wedding, I was determined to get a knife that could slice a person in half with one stroke. I don't actually intend to slice anyone in half but you never know what manner of perils you will encounter while fixing dinner.

So, among our purchases was a Hinkle santoku knife. I don't know much about knives. I don't even really know what the defining properties of a santoku knife are. But I know that this knife was the Best. Kitchen. Purchase. Ever. It has literally improved my quality of life , like, 10% at least. Now you might think that's overstating the case. You are wrong.

Here she is. My eyes look watery because I was chopping onion. The knife, unfortunately does not remedy that problem.

I chop, cut, mince, slice and dice many, many things and now instead of dreading it, I enjoy it. Or at the very least my hand is not curled into a stiffened claw when I'm done. A few weeks ago I cubed 2 pounds of potatoes in under 5 minutes. Slicing vegetables feels like I'm slicing through clouds beaming with rainbows while butterflies flutter around me and angels sing the hallelujah chorus in my ear. This knife has got me all in a swoon.

I'm not necessarily saying that you need this particular knife. But if you cook a lot, a top quality knife is really worth it. Get one. Now. Save your fingers and your sanity. I would probably give away 75% of my other kitchen gadgets and keep this knife if I had to choose. Happy chopping to you all!

Here's an up close shot. Also, you should be warned that I carry it on me at all times for safe keeping. (Totally kidding!)


Vanessa Rogers said...

I am glad that you finally got a good knife. But are you still chopping on plates or have you moved on to THE cutting board?

Kyle said...

I am so proud of you guys! And here you guys thought I was crazy always saying how great knives were. Now you know don't you? Not so crazy am I!? AM I!?? Now YOU'RE THE CRAZY KNIFE LOVERS!!! HA!

By the way, excellent choice. Great brand, super useful style, all I can say is...kudos.

Anonymous said...

Leslie, Kyle is right about the knives, he even bought one for here because it does seem to be quite the essential tool....but that does not necessisarily remove him from the crazy list....all you guys are crazy!