Sunday, June 21, 2009

Welcome to the Peter and Leslie Inn. Where People Come to Stay but Never Leave... Mwa Ha ha ha*

So! Here are some pictures of our new place. But first I would like to tell you something that will probably make all of you Texans mighty jealous.** SLC has been having an inordinately wet spring. It has rained every day for about two weeks now. So, that has been a bummer in some ways. But the upside is that the rain has kept the temperature way down. This morning temperatures were in the 50's. The 50's, people!!! That's like a Texas winter! We have been enjoying the cool because normally this time of year in Houston I would be sweating through my shirt just thinking about going outside.

Okay, without further ado...

Through the front door. There is no cushion on the futon. We removed it until we can make sure Bluebonnet will not use it again as a comfy litter box.

The look we're going for here is "recycling chic". (read: everything was free.) If there are two things I love, free stuff and recycling are on the list. So, we're working the eclectic angle. But personally, I love the chairs. I call them "fabulously hideous." Also, there is a pile of junk in the corner which is a painting project that I haven't gotten to finish because of the rain.

Going to the kitchen.


Hallway leading to the bedrooms.

Bedroom. One thing I love about the duplex is that it has lots of windows and a ton of natural light, which is so lovely and saves us money because we don't turn on the lights that much. Also, it stays light until about 9:30 PM which is weird and throws us off sometimes.

Guest bedroom. This room still needs some work. We've kind of used it as a storage room for all of the junk that we still need to go through. That's why we only have one picture. But this is where you will stay when you come visit. And the room will be clean by then!

* Not in a Bates Motel sense, of course. Just that you'll love SLC so much that you'll want to move in!

** I know, it will be your time to gloat in 4 months when y'all are still wearing flip-flops and I'm up to my my eyelashes in snow.


Vanessa Rogers said...

I like the first chair, the cream colored one. Who gave you the furniture?

Peter and Leslie said...

Peter's grandmother gave us the furniture.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!! I loved seeing your house. It is the best thing ever (other than actually SEEING the house). You sound like you are having so much fun. Thanks for doing your blog. It is so interesting. Terry

Will said...

Looks great Peter and Leslie! If I come sometime maybe I can get a free ski lesson?

Peter and Leslie said...

Terry- Do come actually see the house! Come visit!

Will- You can definitely get a free lesson from the ski master. And when you're tired of that you can join me on the bunny slope. (And by bunny slope I mean drinking hot chocolate in the lodge! :o)