Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pick Your Own!

This time last year I was introduced by my lovely friend Beth (Beth, if you're reading this, hello! I wish we could go picking more fruit this summer!) to a website called It has local listings of farms, and orchards that will let you pick your own fruit and sometimes veggies.

You might ask, "why would I want to pick my own fruit?" Well for one thing it's much cheaper. When I went picking blueberries with Beth last year (this was in the Houston area) we paid around $3 per lb. At the grocery store blueberries are often more than $3 for a tiny carton. Granted we had to stand out in the hot sun for hours to get all those blueberries. And Beth, God bless her, was 5 months pregnant! But it was fun! And Peter and I had blueberries all summer and into the fall.

Also, around this same time that Beth and I went picking last year I was becoming interested in learning to eat locally and in season. I'm still learning about those things. I think they are important because our eating habits have so much impact on our environment and our health. I would like to write more about this topic but I need to collect my thoughts and research a little first.

When we moved to SLC I consulted and made a spreadsheet of all the fruits I want to pick and when they come in season and where I can get them. Isn't that super organized of me?!?! (If you know me, you'll realize that isn't normal.)

The first fruit to come into season here was cherries. So this past weekend Peter and I drove about 1 hour out of SLC and harvested some. It was quite nice. For a few hours we picked the small heart-shaped fruits under the canopy of shady trees listening bugs humming about us. In the sun, the lovely cherries glistened like rubies. We ended up with about 16 lbs. of cherries and we only paid $12. At the farmers' market cherries are about $6 per lb. I'm not sure how expensive they are at the store but I'm sure they're more than we paid. So, I'm working on preserving them right now. I've canned some and I'm drying some so that we can continue to enjoy them out of season. I'm new at all of this little house on the prairie business (i.e. preserving food) so I'll let you know how it goes!

But we're definitely savoring all of our fresh cherries!

Here is the link if you are interested:

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