Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Move over Starbucks. There's a new man in town.

Peter Ness: husband, gentleman, barista.

We recently used up the last of our Macy’s credit that we’ve had since we got married. We had almost $400 so we bought some things we needed and a few things that no one ever needs. In the latter category is an espresso maker.

We got an espresso maker. Even though I am the coffee drinker, Peter really wanted this machine. And he has become quite a barista.

The master at work. He requires complete silence to do his art. (And it is an art.)

Look at the foam on this skinny latte! This would put Starbuck’s to shame.

So, if Peter decides the doctor thing is for the birds, he’s going straight to starbucks. And I’m pretty sure when they see his lattes they’ll make him CEO directly.

For now, he’ll continue working in the Ness Café, with me as his primary customer. Though, he doesn't charge me so he's not making much money yet.

If you buy a plane ticket to Salt Lake City to come visit us, we’ll throw in a free latte with your room. :o)


Jim and Jill said...

I'm there. Can we come? It's so good to "hear" from you on the blog. I've been thinking of you, sweet friend!--Love, Jill

Jim Hamilton said...

It's great to see you're doing well!

Thanks for blogging!