Friday, June 26, 2009

Like the sand through the litter box, so are the days of our nine lives.

Oh dear. This morning when I was preparing to leave the house, I glanced into the bathroom and there was Bluebonnet still squatting where she had just peed on the bathroom rug. So, of course, I immediately cleaned it up. But I fear that her days are numbered at our house. She was doing so well! And I hate to give her back because we really enjoy her. But I just can't keep living in fear that one day it will be my bed that was urinated upon... or the inside of my dresser drawer.

We've done everything we can think of to prevent her from going outside of the litter box. We got a second litter box, we took her to the vet to see if she had a bladder infection (she doesn't), and we got another cat in case she was lonely (she was living with several cats before she came to our house).

The good thing is that she will not be put down because she was being fostered. So her foster "mom" will keep her. So, that makes me a little less sad about giving her back. I'm sure you all have had quite enough discussion of cat pee on this blog (and believe me, I've had enough as well) so I apologize. But our feline saga continues. Oy vey. :o(

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johnrgriffin said...

Sad to hear that the kitty had to go...that's never fun. I love reading your posts! It makes me feel like we're not 1800 miles away.