Friday, June 19, 2009

The Latest Addition To Our Family

Leslie usually does the posting on the blog, but today I, Peter, have the honor of making an addition.

Yesterday was a big, somewhat unexpected day for me. Leslie and I brought home a cat from the Humane Society that was MY favorite. I never expected that I would be anything more than a passive cat-lady supporter. We know, let my wife get a cat because it makes her happy, clean out the little box and essentially tolerate the beasts that cohabitate with us.That all changed when I met Theodore a couple days ago at the shelter (his name at the time was Romeo). We went to the shelter in the first place to fulfill our initial intention of acquiring two felines. I liked him almost immediately. Let me just give you a short list of some of the reasons I like him.
  • He is a good, solid man cat (90% of the cats there are female for whatever reason, and part of me just wanted a male friend in the house)
  • He has a big head
  • He is rather affectionate (actually he seemed to like me more than Leslie)
He seems to be a kind, gentle and stately beast yet with a bit of wilderness ruggedness, which is why we have decided to name him Theodore after Theodore Roosevelt. Also, as you can see in the pictures, he has cat-"chops" or sideburns much like a young Teddy Roosevelt. And can't you just picture him in those little rim glasses that President Roosevelt wore? This will be night number 2 for Theodore in our home. He and Bluebonnet seem to be getting along much better now after about 24 hours of growing accustomed to each other. The hissing has ceased and everyone appears to love each other. Actually, Bluebonnet looks to be warming up in ways that she hadn't until the arrival of another cat.
In conclusion, I am beginning to border on being a cat person. We'll keep you posted on where things go from here.

Note from Leslie: Faithful readers, I apologize for not fulfilling my promise to you of posting every day this week. I meant to put up pictures of "The Peter and Leslie Inn." Which was to be a photo tour of our duplex. However, the ole homestead needs a good scrub down before I start circulating pictures of it. Hopefully this weekend we will get some pictures up! In the mean time I hope you all had a great week! I love and miss all of you!


Jim and Jill said...

Well, Theo and Bluebonnet look precious! I'm a cat lover too. And I can totally relate to the gender thing. When we had a cat and dog both, I was STILL the ONLY female in the house! Uggh! :) Y'all enjoy!~~Jill

Jim and Jill said...

By the way, are you going to title your blog, or just leave it "Insert Creative Title Here?"~Jill

Vanessa Rogers said...

Peter I knew you had it in you to be a cat person! Next on the list- dogs and then maybe horses, and then you will be on to llamas, alpacas, wolves, pigs and many many more. I can read the future now, I just know these things.

J-Gro said...

He looks very presidential. You should get him a walking stick!

Peter and Leslie said...

I don't know if we'll get him a walking stick but I'm dying to get him a pair of those little rim glasses that TR wore.... :o)