Monday, June 29, 2009

Goodbye Bluebonnet

Bluebonnet left yesterday. Her foster "mom" came to pick her up. And, I must say in response to the question "cat or catastrophe," she turned out to be more of the latter. She was very sweet but her toileting habits left something to be desired.

Theodore, showing great personal fortitude, manages to carry on somehow.

(He looks sort of dead here, but actually he's just sleeping in such a ridiculous cat-like position that I had to take a picture. )


Anonymous said...

I hated to hear that about Bluebonnet. Stanley has always been that way - only difference is I didn't have anyone to return him to. He just showed up in the backyard. So now I try to be trained and let him out a lot or show him the entrance to the litter box often (he knows HOW to use it; just chooses not to sometimes) Bye Bluebonnet!!

Peter and Leslie said...


That is a bummer with Stanley. I would've been much more hesitant to give Bluebonnet back if I knew she would be put down. I know what you mean, she knew HOW to use it she just didn't do it all the time. But I'm glad you and Stanley have worked something out. Thanks for reading the blog. I love the comments!