Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cat or Catastrophe?

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I don’t know why I’m a cat person. I don’t know why anyone is a cat person. I’ve just always found their combination of aloofness and affection quite charming. Cats will blatantly ignore your beckoning snaps and then come to you for attention at three am purring like a diesel engine. They also have an uncanny ability to determine the exact moment when your attention is needed most elsewhere and then distract you unreservedly.

I suppose the reasons that some people are cat people are the same reasons that others are not.

I was brimming with anticipation when we finally moved into a duplex where we could have pets. And I was nearly beside myself when we went to the humane society the first week of June to look for our very own cat! We ended up taking this lovely kitty home.

She was being fostered by a woman here in SLC. The woman agreed to let us keep her for two weeks to see if it’s a good fit. Her name was Lacy but we renamed her Bluebonnet.

So far she has reasonably met our needs for aloofness and affection. She never comes when we call, and she doesn’t jump up in our laps. But she does curl up next to us at night and purr loudly. So, overall she’s fulfilling her feline duties nicely.

However, there is one glaring problem. She pees on the futon. Thank goodness it’s the futon and not our bed. But still I’m not enough of a cat person to endure cat urine outside of the litter box for long. In fact, at this juncture I nearly had an identity crisis. Suddenly I was thinking cats are nice when they’re lounging in sunbeams but they’re not so charming when they’re peeing on your furniture and you have to act as their personal bathroom attendant by constantly cleaning the litter box. I began to consider that I’m not really a cat person after all. And if I’m not a cat person, who am I?!? Much soul searching ensued.

Luckily we got the urine and the smell out of the futon and she doesn’t do it all the time but she has done it again. So the jury is still out on Bluebonnet. I'm taking her to the vet (Actually a "cat health center" called dancing cats. Oh my gosh. That place has got to be a hotbed of crazy cat ladies. ) on Saturday because I was told that sometimes cats will go outside of the litter box if they have a urinary tract infection. I'll keep you updated! You'll always have the latest information on my cat's urinary tract if you read this blog!

Cats only need a humble bed, you know. A four poster with a pillow topped mattress and 400 thread count Egyptian cotton should be acceptable.

I'll take my meow mix on the silver platter today. And I'll have my perrier without gas, thank you.

Updated to add: Today Bluebonnet peed in a new location. Things aren't looking in her favor. Also, I cried at the humane society where we were trying to pick out our second cat when I was unable to make a decision between two prime candidates. Becoming a cat owner is more traumatic than I thought it would be. More to come.

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