Monday, June 22, 2009


When we first brought Theodore home Bluebonnet was highly offended. She hissed and growled and swatted and hissed. But within 24 hours she was amenable to having him as a companion. And now after he's been here three days, as you can see, they're total BFF's. We're going to get to get them a set of "Best Friends" necklaces. (Remember those??) Okay, no, we're not really going to do that. Well, actually I wouldn't put it past myself to do something like that but I'm sure Peter would have none of it. Also, as you can see from the picture, they both luuuuuuuuuuv lounging on the bed. I think they might spend 97.3% of their time there. Because they're usually there when I leave for work and when I come back. That's fine with us. It does get a little crowded at night though. :o)

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Vanessa Rogers said...

So are you keeping bluebonnet?