Monday, March 30, 2009

Heather and Gage

I am lucky to have three nieces and three nephews. And, as far as kids go the six of them have set the bar pretty high. Here are two of them that I just have to brag about in light of their recent visit.

I have believed for quite a few years that Heather is a pint sized genius. I cannot remember what originally gave me this idea. But she proved me right again during her stay with us.

It seems that teaching genes run in the family because Heather, like her forebears, seems to have a knack for patiently dealing with the ignorant. The ignorant in this case being me. She instructed me in what she called “coding” words. Coding, from what I gathered, is a method used to teach phonics. It entails learning rules with which to interpret and read a language seemingly governed by only whimsy and magic (
seriously, fish = ghoti).

I learned several things that my education up to this point has neglected such as “When a word ends in “CK” the vowel is always short!” and “When there is an “E” on the end of a word, the vowel will say its name!”

After each point she made, she gently and earnestly questioned me as to whether or not I understood the content. She even administered a test that she created. I scored 100%- which would scarcely have been possible without such a sweet and patient instructor!

But as you can see, the unpredictable English language has its pitfalls. Even for linguistic geniuses. :o)

Even though she has the skills to be a teacher, I have a hunch that she will be an author and write the next Great American Novel. In fact, she'll probably do that next year.

Gage, is some kind of adorable! And he has a personality to match. He will charm your socks off. I dare you not nuzzle the screen right now.

Over Christmas Peter and I began referring to Gage as a dumpling. I'm not sure why. Perhaps he reminded us of a dumpling because he is soft, doughy and filled with delicious goodness or perhaps we thought he would be good in a soup with chicken. Either way, he is delectable. I couldn't help but feign to munch on his plump little feet and sausage arms! But I refrained from gobbling him up altogether!

If you would like your very own children (or yourself) to be featured on the Peter and Leslie blog be sure to visit us in Salt Lake City this year!

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