Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hello Blogging World

So this is our first post of hopefully many more to come. Neither Leslie or I have ever blogged, but we are excited to try and use this medium to keep people up-to-date with our lives a little better than we have in the past. Honestly, Leslie will probably be posting more often than me but that's for the best, since she is a far better writer than me.

I can go ahead and write a brief update on what is going on in my own life for now, letting Leslie have her turn sometime soon. Let me start by saying that, firstly, God is good, and, secondly, I have the best, most beautiful wife in the world. This is a busy time for me although a great blessing. There are many exciting things that God has brought to my doorstep. First of all, I will be finishing medical school this coming May! Praise God for that. He has been so faithful to bring me through the tough times and never let me lose sight of Him or my beautiful wife. So what does a person do after they finish medical school, you ask? Well, he has to go through residency. I have selected the amazing field of ophthalmology - eye surgery! This is currently the middle of the interview season and I will find out where God has reserved a spot for me on Jan 15.

The next 6 weeks will also a be a time of preparation for a trip we will be taking. I have the opportunity to participate and serve in a program that sends me, as a medical student, overseas to spend 6 or so weeks with a long-term medical doctor, learning about family medicine and international ministry. Leslie will fortunately be with me the whole time. We head to North Africa on Jan 1 and will return Feb 27. God has made it clear to both of us that this is where he wants us to be for those 2 months. We thank him for the chance to go and serve the kingdom, bringing glory to his name and helping those in physical need. Actually, we not only see this as a great time in and of itself, but also know that God has been calling our family to serve overseas with our medical skills in the future. So this trip will be a taste of a longer period of our life at some point in the future. An eye surgeon can be very useful overseas, as cataracts and other preventable forms a blindness can be found in huge numbers anywhere in the world. A nurse (Leslie) can use her knowledge and skills to help people in a variety of medical situations. Our hope and prayer is that God would use these skills he has given us to open doors and hearts to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

I think I will leave it there for now, as I assume most people are like me and don't usually read long blog posts. Please be back to visit often. I hope to write some updates, especially during our trip (Jan-Feb), and post some pictures.

A picture of Leslie and me from last Christmas


Vanessa Rogers said...

oh goodie, I found your blog and I am going to add it to our blog roll. When you want to spruce up your blog, I can help you with that if you want. It was a really difficult learning curve for me!

kay said...

Thanks Vanessa for putting Leslie & Peter's blog on your blog. I am enjoying reading both. Glad ya'll are enjoying Utah. It's a beautiful place and so close to many more beautiful spots. Looking forward to many more posts!!

Peter and Leslie said...


It's good to hear from you! I hope all is well with you and Mark. Thanks for reading! And if you ever visit Utah, please come stay! You're right, there are so many beautiful spots around. :o)